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April Publishing Course

How To Get Your Book Published

A Four Week Course for Serious Writers Only

Register by April 14th and save! Email JLove for details

This is a 4 week course which meets once a week for two hours and covers in-depth the most critical knowledge base necessary to become a successful author. This course should only be taken by writers who are interested in attaining a book deal from a publishing house, not in self publishing.
Some highlights of the course include:

  • Intimate class size enabling each writer to receive specific information and feedback relevant to his/her projects.
  • A honest look at behind the scenes information and knowledge about the most critical areas to understand in the industry.
  • Learning the business of book publishing through a strength-based, empowerment process allowing you to bust through your personal barriers to get to the next level.
  • Building a positive writing community providing mutually beneficial support on the journey of becoming a published author.
Wednesday Course Dates in 2010
April 28 • May 5 • May 12 • May 19
  • Location: BROOKLYN, NY (location given upon registration)
  • Time: 6:00-8:00pm
  • Requirements: Registrants must be serious writers who have a solid vision for their book project (including a concept, title, and at least two written chapters)
  • Fee: $350 for four weeks
  • Discounts: Early Bird specials available! Register by April 14th.
  • IMPORTANT: Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. No class make-up.
  • To register, contact JLove Calderon at or pay online via PayPal
What Previous Participants Have to Say:
"JLove's 4 Week Book Publishing Course was the first domino that fell and lead me to completing my book. I'm eternally grateful to her and will always credit this course as an important step in becoming a focused author." -Shaun Neblitt, educator and playwright
JLove Calderon is an amazing teacher, one of the chosen few able to compile her vast knowledge and experience in the writing field and relay it to her students as an equal. She has a unique style, which enables her to hone in on every obstacle in the way of your goals and illuminate it, while showing you how to build the inner strength and concrete skill sets necessary to pave your road to success.” -Melissa Sellers-Author, Actor, Fashionista
JLove Calderon holds within her a wealth of valuable insight and information. She has a vast knowledge of the publishing industry. She provided me with vital information and guidance on every part of the publishing process. With her guidance, my first book, Urban Soul Warrior, is on bookshelves in major bookstores across the nation and beyond. JLove continues to be the best resource I know in the world of publishing and bookselling.” - Lalania Simone, author of URBAN SOUL WARRIOR: Self Mastery in the Midst of the Metropolis (SoftSkull/CounterPoint 2009)

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