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Asia One – Expect the Unexpected

An official selection of 2013 Hollywood Film Festival, Produced by JLove Calderon & Asia One, Directed by JLove Calderon with DP/Editor Douglas Cushnie.

LOG Line:

Dive into the unique lifestyles of the global concrete jungle led by enlightened street icon Asia One. Explore behind the scenes world of Hip-Hop culture and street dance told through the eyes of an unlikely bgirl born and bred in the Midwest.


Meet Asia One, a fiercely passionate master street dance practitioner, Hip-Hop trailblazer, and cultural icon. Asia belongs to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, which is all about peace, love, unity, and having fun.  The official dance of the culture, Bboying is all about style, dynamic air moves defying gravity all while combining strength, agility, balance, and extreme coordination. To Asia, Bboying is the perfect marriage of dance and extreme athletics. Her philosophy is empowering young people and breaking down barriers to build a better world. Never complacent, life’s beauty to her is about what lies beneath the surface.

Expect the Unexpected share’s her transformation from misguided youth, feeling like a shade of gray in a black and white world, to world-renowned Hip-Hop trailblazer. Her story is a testimony to breaking through barriers and chaos to find her perfect beat.

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