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Brendon Burchard Invite


Welcome Brendon Burchard community!


FullSizeRenderThanks for visiting my website! I am a fellow student in Experts Academy and part of Brendon's tribe. Will you help me support three non-profits by purchasing two of my books?

100% of the proceeds of the books bought by Brendon's community will go to three amazing non-profit organizations who are working for peace, justice, and equity in our communities.

Ultimately my goal is to support people and communities in reaching their highest and fullest potential. My vehicles are books, TV, Film and live experiences. Connect with me through my mailing list and on social media and let's create change together.

Toward more  peace, justice & magic!






Similar to Life’s Golden Ticket, JLove’s memoir That White Girl details her personal watershed moment when life crashes down upon her after a whirlwind year of involvement in drugs and gangs. She, too, had to make a decision on the kind of person she wanted to be. Her book, which you can buy by clicking on the  book image, is now being developed into a feature film.

Occupying Privilege, a book for the people by the people, told through stories, conversations, letters,poems, and essays, readers will learn about key issues pertaining to racism’s continued impact on both people of color and white people.

 Click on a book to purchase