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Change Your Language, Change Your Life

Morning Musings......

Yesterday I was in a passionate exchange and it was brought to my attention that I was using the word "problems." I had identified and labeled the exchange of words and put it in a negative context, when all that was happening was a pure idea exchange with the intent to get to the truth of the matter from both perspectives. That is my old conditioning.

Language is power. Language takes our core beliefs and makes meaning of them. What we think is what we say is what we do.  Much of our language is rooted in negativity and violence. To move away from victimhood and into vision, to release struggle and claim grace & ease, begins with our thoughts / mindset / beliefs, and then moves into what comes out of our mouths.

Here are my shifts away from negative into positive. Try them on and see how it feels. Experience what may shift as a result!

Solution-build instead of problem solve (that was my lesson from yesterday)

Bloomthrough instead of breakthrough

Feed two birds with one loaf instead of kill two birds with one stone

Garden instead of Parking Lot (what idea can thrive in a parking lot?)

Hug me up instead of hit me up (smile)

Free time instead of killing time

Livelines instead of deadlines

As Gail Straub and David Gershon of the Empowerment Institute teach us, discipline is the hands-on aspect of Commitment. It takes discipline to shift our core conditioning, our beliefs, our words.....AND if we remember that it is the small, daily choices we make that that create the habits and behaviors that either support us or hinder us. Start small, start today, but START!

I am thankful to my many teachers who have supported me and continue to support me on my journey to my highest and best.


To Truth, Love, Freedom & Magic!


*Inspired by a conversations with my biz partner M1, my homie Jen Armas, and El Puente's Global Justice Institute training with Cohort 2.