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Conscious Women Rock the Page

Conscious Women Rock the Page!Conscious Women Rock the Page!

Using Hip-Hop Fiction to Incite Social Change (CWRP)

Four women have teamed up to support educators who wish to use hip hop fiction in their classrooms to explore social issues and promote activism among their students. CWRP is based on three hip hop novels praised for their treatment of substantive issues from race relations to dating violence in a genre often criticized for glorifying street life and perpetuating stereotypes.

The curriculum contains over thirty lessons which are appropriate for use in middle school classrooms through university campuses. The novels upon which CWRP is based are: That White Girl, by JLove, The Sista Hood: On the Mic by E-Fierce, and Picture Me Rollin’, by Black Artemis, and is edited by Marcella Runell Hall, co-editor of The Hip Hop Education Guidebook. CWRP contains lessons on multiple subjects and disciplines including English, social studies, ethnic studies, race relations, women’s studies, criminal justice and health and sexuality to name just a few. CWRP is a curriculum for educators who want to introduce popular media in their learning environments to engage their students on meaningful social and political issues, facilitate their empowerment, and inspire them to take action.


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