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Creative Content: How 2 Get Your Foot in tha Door

Ima tell you right now. Please do not wait for other people to fund your creative dreams. It is your job and responsibility to handle your biz and create & make your dream!

Do yourself a favor and get to producing! Get down and dirty and gather your friends and family to help invest in your initial creative projects.

"The industry" is a visual industry and they won't mess with you until you have some "tape" to show them. So get out in the field by any means necessary and shoot and shoot and shoot. Create a couple of short reels that show your style, tone, and ability to deliver an industry standard product.

That is the first step to getting a foot in the door. Have content to show and share. So stop talking and get producing!

Want more tips? Get down with my twitter chat with @movethecrowd this Thursday July 23rd at 2:00pm ET. Let's build!


To Truth, Love, Freedom & magic!