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Love, Race, and Liberation Book Release Party!

announcing the release of a new
ground-breaking curriculum guide

"Love, Race and Liberation
‘Til the White Day is Done"

Co-Edited by
JLove Calderon and Marcella Runell Hall

with writers Piper Anderson, Tanesha Barnes,
Andrea Dre Domingue, and Samantha Shapses Wertheim

featuring Love Letters for Liberation by
Kahlil Almustafa, Esther Armah,
Hector Calderón, Richard Chavolla, Suheir Hammad,
Ariel Luckey, Peggy McIntosh, Pedro Noguera,
Sofia Quintero, and Tim Wiseincluding Exclusive Interviews from
Danny Hoch, Talib Kweli and his father Dr. Perry Greene,
M1 from Dead Prez, Sonia Sanchez, and MC Serch

www.JLoveCaldeon.comAbout the curriculum guide: The title of this guide gives a nod to the one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century. ‘Til the White Day is Done is a line from the 1926 poem Dream Variation’s by Langston Hughes. In the daytime universe of the poem the narrator dreams of flinging his arms wide in the face of the sun—an act of protest and resistance, of joy and celebration. ‘Til the White Day Is Done represents a commitment to end oppression in all forms- to eliminate the current “White Day.” White people are the world’s minority, yet white supremacy and racism are the scaffolding on which the American political and socioeconomic systems are built. This guide adds the new millennium piece of making sure the important elements of love and liberation are included in all conversations about race. This book was conceived by educator-activists JLove Calderon and Marcella Runell Hall in an effort to put action steps behind anti-racist rhetoric, in a move toward being truly and unapologetically pro-liberation--for everyone.Within the pages you will find love letters written to educators by some of the leading voices on contemporary issues of race and racism. There are also over twenty lesson plans, which range from the social construction of race, to the racialization of social media, to the prison industrial complex. This book is meant to catapult us to action, prompt dialogue, stimulate our minds and hearts, and provide educators with profound yet practical tools for creating social justice.

Book Release Party: Save the Date!
Come meet the editors, the writers,
and Love Letter special guests
Date: March 24, 2010

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Address: New York University
60 Washington Square South, Suite 806
New York, NY 10012

Sponsored by: NYU Center for
Multicultural Education and Programs

Copies of the guide will be on sale!
The event is FREE but you must RSVP


‘Til the White Day is Done
The National Town Hall Style Dialogue and TourMarch 18th-20th
Conference on College Composition
and Communication in Louisville, Kentucky

March 24th

Book Release at NYU

April 7th - 10th
Wisconsin: The White Privilege Conference

April 23rd – 27th
Amherst, Massachuchates
(for booking contact:
Tanya at

May 13th – May 20th
New Mexico
(for booking contact:
Amaryllis at

July 25th -August 25th
Denver Colorado

October 2nd -7th
Los Angeles

More dates being announced soon!
To pre-order your curriculum guide
please contact:

The Project: ‘Til the White Day is Done is a holistic journey involving a multi-dimensional and interactive experience through the interdisciplinary arts, education, and entertainment. It includes an anthology; the curriculum guide "Love, Race and Liberation" co-edited by JLove Calderon & Marcella Runell Hall, and sponsored by NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs; a documentary directed by Byron Hurt, and produced by JLove Calderon & Marla Teyolia; and national "town hall" style tour. Elements of the project are in collaboration with Eradicating Racism, an initiative of 1+1+1=ONE, a 501(c)3 Brooklyn based non-profit.Please visit JLove’s website for more info:

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