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New Tour! Crossing Borders!

Crossing Borders Tour 2013
As the debate rages on about immigration, racial identity, white privilege, capitalism, and the prison industrial complex, resilient youth, particularly youth of color, are looking for creative ways to bring their communities together, and occupy their minds with new ideas and strategies for action.

This generations is more proactive, innovative and socially-conscious than ever, with an increasing desire to shape the world they thrive in-- a world that is equitable, just and free.

Book the Crossing Borders Tour, and bring an inside-look into the lives of professionals who are working to eliminate barriers and cross borders to new possibilities. We will bring to your city award-winning media-makers, grassroots organizers, social critics, and public intellectuals with decades of combined experience in creating social change and taking action. Meet Rosa Clemente, Jared Ball, JLove Calderon and Kali Akuno below.

For booking information or media requests contact Rosa A. Clemente at 413-345-4018 or at