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Off the Grid

Unscripted Docu-Reality TV Series

Some call them crazy, most call them visionary. Meet the energetic, eccentric, intergenerational and multi-racial members of the family-owned business REGENERATIVE LIFESTYLES LLC, making history by creating the first ever Urban Earthship in their hometown of Denver, Colorado.

Yes, an Earthship.

The Earthship movement has developed a practice of integrative, resource-efficient home construction and sustainable green building technology. These structures utilize recycled, locally sourced, high quality, hand-crafted and natural materials. The zero waste and closed looped systems demonstrate sustainability and function. The dynamic aesthetics of these earthen homes are attracting interest from all over the world.

Say What?!?

Well, to put it simply, many think earthships are the way of the future, so we better get ready to get Off the Grid!

Off the Grid is an unscripted docu-series reality show. Each thirty-minute episode follows a determined young couple, part of the millions of Americans who are the new poor-- with four children and a helpful sister and mother and they set out to do the unthinkable….raise 7 million dollars to buy a plot of land in the middle of the city, center of the hood in Denver.

Hip-Hop Meets Green: Not the Environmentalists You’d Expect

It all started when founder and CEO Mike was diagnosed with cancer at a super young age. This pushed him into a new era in his life, becoming more aware of deadly environmental toxins that almost cost him his life.

Earthship Biotechture (Mike) + Permaculture Design (Robin)= True Love

Mike and Robin fell deeply in love 10 years ago. Four kids later, both certified in their respective fields- they say let’s do this crazy thing!