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List of Published Articles

To download JLove’s Press Kit, click here.

Publications: Ave Magazine

  • White Like Me
  • Between God and Gangsta-An Interview with Fat Joe and Terror Squad

Publications: Blaze Magazine

  • Cops and Rockers

Publications: Blu Magazine

  • In the Womb of Hip-Hop
  • Sista II Sista

Publications: Clamor

  • Elevated Cypha-A Conversation about Faith Among Friends
  • Artist Interview with Miguel Luciano
  • Hip-Hop Mama?s

Publication: Future 500-Youth Organizing and Activism in the United States, (Subway and Elevated Press 2002)

  • Ada Rivera-Life
  • Liberty and the Pursuit of Hip-Hop
  • Crystal Haveland-Life Ain?t No Crystal Stair

Publication: Harvard Colorlines Publication

  • The Struggle To Transform White Privilege and Power

Publication: On The Go Magazine

  • Revolutionary Education-Hip-Hop High
  • Terrorism
  • America-Still the Land of the Free?
  • Quiz on Welfare Reform for the Hip-Hop Nation
  • The Battle of The Century

Publication: Palante Community Newspaper!

  • Taking Back Hip-Hop

Publication: Rapstation

  • The Fabric of Hip-Hop
  • Urban Survival And Beyond
  • Roots, Rights and Revolution
  • School of the Americas, School of the Assassins
  • Thinkin? of a Master Plan
  • Makin? Power Moves, Sista by Sista
  • The Rainbow Coalition; New and Improved
  • Yes, We Do Know Your Name
  • Expanding Hip-Hop?s Horizons: Hip-Hop Theater
  • From the Streets of the Struggle
  • The Evolution of the B-girl
  • B-Boy Summit 2000
  • Diary of A Teenage Girl
  • To The Children of Hip-Hop


  • NYPD: Another Day, Another Black Man Dead
  • Graffiti Wall of Fame: Alive and Bombin?
  • Holistic Hip-Hop
  • Stop the Bombs
  • Planting Seeds of Wisdom-Harvesting the New Crop of Hip-Hop

Publication: Source Magazine

  • Word is Bond
  • Are You Ready? Y2K Survival guide

Publication: Stress Magazine

  • Crackgate ?96

Publication: Subculture Magazine

  • Genercidal Tendencies? Sex, Skills and the Soul of Hip-Hop