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Productivity Tips for Working Parents; A Slight Tweek on Brendon Burchard’s Plan

By JLove Calderón

November 2014

I am a big fan of Brendon Burchard. I think he is right on and I appreciate his style, his body of knowledge, and his spirit.

Just a small tweek on the 1-Page Productivity Planner specifically for working parents of school-age kids that I think you might find helpful.

A little background on why I wanted to share this with you. As a social entrepreneur, conscious transmedia producer, coach and parent, I was finding it really difficult to get my very full life manageable, fun, and healthy. So for the past decade I have tried a variety of programs, ideas, methods, and systems to make it all work. Although still a work in progress, there are some things that I have mastered that I feel really great about sharing with my community because I have seen the change in myself.

As a result of Putting Myself First, and mastery my Productivity Level, here are the top 10 things I have achieved in the last year and half:

  1. Dropped 18 pounds
  2. Met my goals of creating, producing and directing 2 short films, 1 feature film, and created and shot content for 2 webseries.
  3. Landed 10 ideal coaching clients (you know who you are!)
  4. Paid off two credit cards, and my student loan for my Masters Degree
  5. Co-produced a theater piece of an amazing new talent Jana Lynn Umipig—The Journey of a Brown Girl)
  6. Donated over $1k to social justice collectives working toward racial justice
  7. Amped up a loving, juicy, fulfilling relationship with my husband
  8. Created a ridiculously loving relationship with my two sons (and yes, one is a teenager!)
  9. Increased my revenue, coming super close to my 2014 goal (and still pushing for it!)
  10. I have been able to get off of one medication, and my asthma is almost totally gone!

These 10 things contribute to happy and healthy lifestyle, and allow me to bring my best self consistently, and work toward the contribution that I want to make in the world. Yes, I still have some growth areas, AND I am celebrating the changes I have made in my life to get where I am today. I spent the first half of my life a very different (unhappy and unhealthy) person.

So, tip one is Putting Yourself First.

Tip two, and the slight tweek on BB and Productivity. This is nitty-gritty but important.

  • During the work week wake up at least 15 minutes before you have to get your kids up and do your basic morning ritual.
  • Wake up your kids and make sure the light is on and they are starting to get dressed. (ie please make sure that they are in motion before you leave them, least they fall back asleep on you.)
  • Get the kitchen and start making kids breakfast. While things are cooking, make your coffee, tea, or juice for yourself.
  • While sipping your morning drink, finish cooking breakfast and get your kids to the table for them to start eating.
  • If you make lunches, my suggestion is that every Sunday you get the week’s supply of munchies together (ie my son loves sunflower seeds so I put get the 5 bags of seeds together for the week….) Get lunches done.
  • Give kids 5 min warning so they can start packing up.Standing, get on your computer and check through your email. You are ONLY LOOKING for people that you have scheduled calls or meetings with today! Nothing else. Adjust for any last minute changes for today’s schedule. (Note: stay standing or you might get caught up and be late).
  • Get your kids to school on time.
  • Get to the gym, or however you work out (walking, running, yoga, etc)
  • Then breakfast to nourish the body.
  • Lastly is writing down or reviewing your mission criticals for the day, always starting with grounding yourself in your big vision of who you are and what you are here to contribute.
  • Then proceed with BB’s wonderful Productivity One Pager!

Why the slight tweek? For busy moms (Dads, caregivers), scanning emails in the morning actually gives you more control of your day, your agenda. If your babysitter is sick and can’t pick up your son or daughter and you find out in the morning, upon drop-off you can communicate that to the school and make sure you kid knows the new plan; if a client cancels last minute, you can get that extra time at the gym instead of rushing out, or you can take a longer shower enjoying every minute of it.

But mostly, you have a scan of the day; what needs your attention, what can wait; who is looking for you that you need to reach out to, or a new opportunity that is time sensitive. By the time you “start” your workday, you are way ahead of it all. It feels amazing!

Hope this is helpful for you

With joy and magic,