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JLove Calderon actively offers her services through red tents, monthly gatherings, life coaching and workshops in order to create & nurture the sacred spaces in which personal transformation can occur.


Are you looking for a passionate and authentic speaker? JLove Calderon is a certified life coach, mother, educator, writer, and activist who specialize in presentations that are insightful, interactive and transformational.


JLove offers private one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals looking for a inspirational, confidential and non-judgmental relationship. Private sessions are 60 minutes, and provide the structure, accountability and support needed to take action, think holistically and be empowered.


JLove offers intensive interactive, hands-on transformational workshops. These range from half day retreats to 2-day weekend getaways.

Topics Include:

Race Relations; White Privilege

  • When White Became Wrong: White Privilege 101
  • Inter-racial Relationships: A New Way of Relating for the 21st Century
  • White Like Me: A Closer Look at White Kids and Hip Hop Culture

Youth and Popular Culture; Hip-Hop Culture; Youth Activism

  • Hip Hop Activism: When Bling Just Isn’t Enough
  • A World View on the History of Hip-Hop
  • Women and Hip Hop: Our Time to Rhyme
  • White Like Me: A Closer Look at White Kids and Hip Hop Culture

Gender Relations; Women and Leadership

  • A Chat with Women: How to Recognize and Claim Your Dream
  • Raise Your Voice and Be Heard! How Young Women Can Use Their Power
  • Sexism and Misogyny: How It Hinders, How to Heal


  • No More Fear! A Personal Empowerment Workshop for Men and Women
  • Empowered Mamas: A Transformative Workshop for Mothers
  • A Chat with Women: How to Recognize and Claim Your Dream


  • White Teachers, Brown Students: Can White Teachers Effectively Educate Children of Color?
  • Taking Aim at Racism: Helping Young People Learn How to Fight for Their Rights In and Outside the Classroom
  • Conscious Women Rock the Page: How to Use Hip-Hop in the Classroom

Creative Writing as a Tool for Change

  • The Power of YOUR Story: Memoir Writing 101
  • I Finished My Book, Now What? Getting an Agent & Getting Published 101

Invite JLove to speak at your women’s organization, special event, women’s retreat or mom’s group. Call 718.756.8501 or send us an email here