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Transformational Coaching & Training

"Having been a human development expert for 10 years, and having coached approximately 800 people, and spoken to thousands of people, I've had the honor of working with a myriad of coaches to support me in my business and personal life. What sets JLove Calderon apart from so many albeit wonderful other service professionals, is both the breadth of her skill set and her way of being.

When I first read her "on paper" list of accomplishments, while I was wildly impressed, I couldn't help wondering how she handled it all. Then I got to meet her both in person and over the phone, and was even more inspired by her vision, her stand for humanity, but most of all her equanimity. In this world of "that was so 38 seconds ago" busyness frenzy, she emanates a calmness, a presence, a joy, that just being in her presence, elevates me.

Then there is her skill level, that equals if not surpasses her value. Her ability to navigate nuanced and sophisticated business development strategies, with a human and accessible touch, while factoring in, one's own self-care, temperament and empowerment strategies, took my life and business to a whole other level.

In my one year of working with JLove, my income went up 45%, I lost 15 pounds, and I created three more income centers, all the while, managing my mother's care while in hospice, and having key elements of my life in major transition. She'll hold your feet to the fire, but with grace, love and laser focus clarity. There is an expression in the Talmud, "Behind every blade of grass, there is an angel whispering in its ear, "Grow, Grow." With JLove, she's been a stand for me to, in addition to "Grow," to "Rock it!"

-Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker and Coach, Founder,

“Up until MTC I was living in the paradigm that earning money is hard, which for me meant life is hard.  Last year working with JLove I earned my entire income doing what I love. Not only did I meet my financial goals with pioneering original programs, I also was able to take off for 6 weeks to train with my mentors, live on the ocean, and rejuvenate.  Living my dream and purpose makes me more present, loving, and encouraging for all the people in my life.  Thank you Rha Goddess, JLove Calderon, and the whole MTC community for supporting me to refinance my sense of what's possible.”

-Zahava Griss

“JLove Calderon is an amazing teacher, one of the chosen few able to compile her vast knowledge and experience in the writing field and relay it to her students as an equal. She has a unique style, which enables her to hone in on every obstacle in the way of your goals and illuminate it, while showing you how to build the inner strength and concrete skill sets necessary to pave your road to success.”

-Melissa Sellers-Author, Actor, Fashionista


“JLove has the ability to see and ignite your greatest potential as a writer. As an author and businesswoman herself, she has the insight as well as the experience, strategies and contacts needed to empower other writers to successfully navigate the publishing industry. She shares her knowledge freely and lovingly. A JLove consultation, event or workshop is guaranteed to help you get to the next level as an author. I am tremendously grateful for all of her support and guidance.”

- Shawna Marie Aarons-Cooke, Hip-Hop Spiritual Coach and Author


“JLove Calderon is not only an effective teacher, but an empowering guide that encourages you to say YES to your own dreams.”

-Ruby Veridiano-Ching,VJ/television host, performing artist, fashionista