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We Got Issues!

index_25A Young Women’s Guide to Bold, Courageous and Empowered Life
New World Library, 2006) edited by Rha-Goddess and JLove Calderon

There is a movement brewing among America’s daughters. Women are branding their own form of social and political leadership. Young women have huge hopes and aspirations for themselves, and for their societies. They have limitless gifts to contribute and they have the talent and the right to make those aspirations realities. We stand firm that our growth from victim to vision is a universal process, and we celebrate the voices of all women. This book will explore the social, political and cultural landscape of young women’s leadership in this nation and take the reader on a journey through the hearts, minds, and souls of a new feminine generation as they speak honestly and courageously about the ten most pressing issues facing young women today.

“A beautiful, proud, lyrical, loving, defiant, truth-witnessing, joyful chorus of voices, some louder than a bomb, some rarely heard, all wanting a better world - We Got Issues! is what democracy sounds like." - Jeff Chang, author Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, winner of the 2006 National Book Award

“Powerful, original, diverse, outrageous young women. Their voices literally pulse through the book. A manifesta, an invitation, a revelation.”Eve Ensler, Creator of the Vagina Monologues & Founder of V-Day

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