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Writing Corner: Access Is Everything

The reason I started my publishing seminar series was because I wanted to pass on the valuable (and often times unspoken) lessons of the vast publishing world. While I do not claim to be an expert ( I have been in the game about 5 years now), I do have experiences and knowledge that I believe is helpful and I want to share it. The first thing I learned was that relationships are currency, and many times it is the relationships you build in the publishing industry that will get you in the door in order to advocate for your book. Regardless of how dope your content is, it really doesn't matter if you cannot get a phone call, email, or meeting with someone who take your book and put it in print! Writers can no longer be locked up in the places writing away...we must be out networking, workshopping, and meeting "connectors." Once you begin to meet the right people, pitching your project becomes second nature, and sometimes slowly, sometime quickly, you find yourself talking with  someone who has the power to offer you a deal. It takes time, strategy, intention, confidence, patience, perseverance, and a strong, clear vision! Please make a list of 7 ideas a week in order to put yourself out there and begin building relationships with playa's. Create an intention on Who You Be, and why your book should live in the world. Every morning that you get up, state your intention, and DO at least one of the things on your list. Believe it, Work at it, and it will Manifest in Divine Time baby. Much love and success! JLove

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